Privacy Policy

At Value Diecast, we value your personal privacy. Our privacy policy is designed to protect the information you have provided us. We collect only the personal information that you provide to us as needed to complete your order.

We may use your email address to confirm product shipment and availability relating to your order or to send you exclusive web-only offers, alert you to new products or sales, etc. If you do not wish to receive these types of emails from Value Diecast, you may either click on the Unsubscribe link (which is provided on every promotional email communication) or contact us at

Occasionally we may share your name and mailing address with other marketers to bring you offers we think may be of interest. If you prefer that we do not share your name and mailing address, please email us at

Credit Card Information

Value Diecast takes the security of your financial data seriously. All orders are safeguarded by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your privacy and credit card information. All of your information is encrypted using a secure server for maximum security. Your credit card information is then safely stored in our transaction processing system and is not accessible from the internet.